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About Shot by Shot



Peter Sanders is President and founding partner of Shot By Shot. After a successful career in the insurance industry, Sanders used his analytical skills to develop Shot By Shot in 1989.  Frustrated with flaws in traditional, one-dimensional golf stats, he used his computer modeling experience to create what is now called Strokes Gained analysis (see History of Strokes Gained).

Sanders has provided statistical analysis for seven PGA Tour professionals, including Zach Johnson. His work has been highlighted in major golf publications in the US and UK (for example see 9/3013 Golf Digest, "Making Every Number Count").

The ShotByShot.com game improvement product has been featured in both GOLF and Golf Digest magazines. Peter Sanders has authored or contributed to more than 50 articles in major golf publications, including two cover stories.  Sanders has been a Professional Advisor to Golf Digest magazine. He also provided advisory services to Trackman, developer of a cutting edge shot flight tracking system used by the PGA Tour and the major TV networks.  Most recently, Sanders has been a statistical consultant to Arccos Golf, developer of the groundbreaking, game tracking and analysis system using GPS sensors that attach to users' golf clubs. 

ShotByShot.com has been used successfully by:

  • More than 30,000 individual subscribers, contributing to its robust proprietary database of over 314,000 golf rounds;
  • More than 200 ShotByShot.com group leaders - golf instructors or coaches who have integrated this unique analysis program into their teaching/coaching regimens;
  • Watch Mike Bender & Henry Brunton on ShotByShot.com
  • Prominent golf schools as Golf Digest, Pinehurst and Sea Island.


Living Testimonials

Peter Sanders, President of ShotByShot.com.  Sanders used the earliest version of ShotByShot.com to track his own performance against data gathered from his more proficient playing partners. Sanders' own handicap improved from 14 to 1 in a single golf season using this system.

Cameron Wilson, 2014 NCAA Division 1 Champion.  Wilson began using ShotByShot.com as an individual subscriber.  He convinced Conrad Ray, golf coach at Stanford University, to purchase  ShotByShot.com for the entire team in 2012.  Credit for this success?  The program was at least a part of the winning formula.   

Knowledge is Power! 

Experience ShotByShot.com - Strokes Gained Analysis for all golfers. Our program will reveal the secrets of exactly what separates the golfer you are from the golfer you want to be.  Register now for your free trial now!

ShotByShot.com is a subscription-based web service so you can access your account from any connected device.  Our proprietary database of golf rounds entered is extremely comprehensive and robust.  Combined with our unique Strokes Gained analysis, it will provide accurate and personalized analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your golf game.  Whether you're an avid golfer, serious about improving, or a golf coach or instructor, you'll find that ShotByShot.com goes far beyond one dimensional traditional golf statistics in accelerating improvement.

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