Unique Features of our Analysis


Experience ShotByShot.com - a new standard in golf game improvement technology that reveals the secrets of exactly what separates the golfer you are from the golfer you want to be!  ShotByShot.com is not a generic golf statistics program!

Unique features of ShotByShot.com analysis:

  • It is powered by Strokes Gained methodology that is not available to amateurs anywhere else.
  • Driving analysis by severity of miss - Fairways Hit is a nice stat, but it is the frequency and severity of missed drives that counts.  Find out how well you really drive the ball.
  • Approach shot analysis by distance and position with Target comparative data.
  • Short Game Analysis measures how close (your putting distance), as well as the number and severity of errors - those costly mistakes around the green.
  • Putting analysis by distance - Strokes Gained - exactly how the PGA Tour now does it.
  • Scoring Analysis by Par type and by hole on specific courses you play.
  • Accurate analysis with ANSWERS, not just numbers, supported by hundreds of thousands of rounds of relevant comparative data.

Knowledge is Power! 

Experience ShotByShot.com - Strokes Gained Analysis for all golfers. Our program will reveal the secrets of exactly what separates the golfer you are from the golfer you want to be.  Register now for your free trial now!

ShotByShot.com is a subscription-based web service so you can access your account from any connected device.  Our proprietary database of golf rounds entered is extremely comprehensive and robust.  Combined with our unique Strokes Gained analysis, it will provide accurate and personalized analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your golf game.  Whether you're an avid golfer, serious about improving, or a golf coach or instructor, you'll find that ShotByShot.com goes far beyond one dimensional traditional golf statistics in accelerating improvement.

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