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about us was started in 1989. The founders were avid golfers frustrated by the shortcomings and fallacies of traditional golf statistics. They developed a golf game analysis program that would enable golfers at all levels to accurately identify the strengths and weaknesses of their golf games, and to measure their performance in each component of the golf game against that of a target handicap group. Armed with this information, golfers can direct the time and money spent on instruction and practice toward the appropriate parts of their game and accelerate their improvement.

The golf game analysis programs have been used successfully by such prominent golf schools as Golf Digest, Pinehurst and Sea Island. More than 80 golf instructors or coaches have become group leaders, and have integrated this unique analysis program into their teaching/coaching regimens.

Peter Sanders is the President and a founding partner of After a successful career in the insurance industry, Mr. Sanders used his analytical skills to begin development of the programs. Starting with a basic Lotus spreadsheet and using his own game as a guinea pig, he began tracking his performance and comparing it with key stats gathered from his more proficient playing partners. A living testimonial, he improved his handicap from 14 to 1 in a single golf season using this system.

The game improvement product has been featured in both GOLF and Golf Digest magazines. Peter Sanders has authored or contributed to more than 30 articles in major golf publications, including two cover stories. Since 2007, Peter Sanders has been a Professional Advisor to Golf Digest magazine. He also provides advisory services to Trackman, developer of a cutting edge golf shot flight tracking system used by the PGA Tour and the major TV networks

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