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FAQ’s –

If you have other questions please contact us any time!

Forgot my Password?

If you keep your email address up to date in EDIT PROFILE on your Golfer Home page, you can retrieve both your User Name & Password instantly by entering your email address in the "Forgot your Password?" directly under the Log in on our HOME page.

Instructions – What should I record on the golf course?

The instructions are contained in a Youtube video. For a simple 1-page version of our scorecard instructions view this PDF document.

Driving: I hit fairway on Par 4 but have NO shot to get within 50 yards of Green?

Record your Drive as a No Shot (#4). The system will know that your next shot is an advancement shot.

Putting distances? Why can’t I enter the distance of my 2nd putt?

The distance determination of the first putt is important to the pre-shot routine and helps with managing distance control. The distance of the 2nd putt is an afterthought and can be a distraction from the positive process of trying to make the putt. Don’t worry; you will have enough attempts from shorter distances for the program to properly assess your putting skills.

Scorecards – How can I print the scorecards?

Click here to download a PDF version of our scorecard. It will print four on an 8.5 x 11 sheet.

9-Hole Rounds - Can I enter 9-Holes?

YES! You can enter an 18-hole course but choose to record the Front or Back-9 holes. You can also analyze by nine and/or combine 9 and 18 hole rounds for analysis.

Target Handicap - Why can't I change it?

We lock our targets after two changes. Why? Because some have attempted to “farm” our unique database of comparative data. Simply email us and we will reset it for you. Thanks for understanding.

Is there a Golf Course database?

We researched this fairly extensively. Many analysis programs claim to have extensive lists of golf courses. Ever tried one? We have, and are rarely able to find the course desired, or if included, the information is outdated and incorrect. There are over 15,000 courses in the US. Even the USGA, that is in the business of rating them, has a hard time keeping up with all the changes.

Instead, we allow our clients to simply enter their own list of courses and we made it simple. No yardages, just the par of each hole and the course and slope rating of each set of tees. Further, we provide for our instructors & coaches to enter “Group” courses that will automatically appear in the course lists of all of their group members. This allows our users to control the accuracy of their important course information.

Is there a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes! If within 90 days of your subscription you are dissatisfied, we will refund 100% of your subscription price.

Peter Sanders

Other Questions?

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