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Shot By Shot Golf Game Analysis


What separates from the others?


At Shot by Shot, we believe that golf is more fun when you’re improving. That’s just as true now as it was 29 years ago when our Founder, Peter Sanders, used his computer modeling experience to invent what is now known as “Strokes Gained Analysis.”

Whether you’re currently tracking your game with another company or not tracking at all, we believe that Shot by Shot is the absolute best way for all golfers to determine their strengths and weaknesses and start shooting lower scores. 

Users of Shot by Shot through the years include PGA Tour winners, as well as top-rated college, amateur, and junior golfers. They and regular golfers all around the world trust our analysis for four important reasons:

1. Ease of Use

The newcomers are all starting where we did in 1989, and their programs require the distance and position of EVERY SHOT in order to calculate the Strokes Gained for each facet of the game.

We learned many years ago that even the most avid golfers will not tolerate that much data entry (and it’s distracting!). We provide accurate Strokes Gained analysis on all five facets of the game while cutting the work down to just two distances:

  1. The Distance of the Approach Shot
  2. The Length of the First Putt on Each Green

2. Real Analysis

Without our experience and robust database, the newcomers merely provide the Strokes Gained numbers. These abstract numbers are useless without the perspective of their corresponding handicap levels and comparative data. Learn more about how Shot by Shot works.

3. Unique Comparative Data

Over the years, Shot by Shot users have recorded more than 342,000 rounds. No one else has this data, which supports our analysis and allows us to provide golfers with unique insights about where they stand and what they need to improve to shoot lower scores.

4. Live Support

When our instructors and subscribers contact us, we answer.