Shot By Shot - A Complete Analysis of Your Game
Shot By Shot Golf Game Analysis

Unique Features analysis is powered by Strokes Gained methodology and includes the added perspective of comparative statistics from our robust database of thousands of players (both men and women) at all handicap levels. With this unique data, not available anywhere else, gives you accurate relative handicap levels for each facet of your game, and clearly identifies the #1 Improvement Priority to take your game to the next level.


Now choose from two available options: has been providing the most complete Strokes Gained game analysis since 1992. With our proprietary comparative data, you get TOUR-level analysis tailored to your Improvement goals.

Recently launched, it is an ideal introduction to the power of Strokes Gained analysis with minimal commitment to data recording. Easily upgrade to the TOUR version at any time when you are looking for a more in-depth look at your game.


Analysis features



Summary Analysis, revealing your #1 Improvement Priority with detailed comparative Target data.



  • Fairways hit
  • Relative severity of Fairways missed by hole for specific course analysis
  • Details of the three costly Driving ERRORS
    • No shot – Requires an advancement to return to play
    • Penalty – Hazard or Unplayable
    • Lost Ball or Out of Bounds

Approach Shots

  • % of Greens hit by distance range (same ranges used by the PGA TOUR).
  • Charts, by distance range, include:
    • # Attempts
    • % Greens hit
    • Average Proximity when greens hit
    • Penalties incurred
    • Strokes Gained by attempt and total

Greens Hit in Regulation

  • GIRs per round and your average
  • Average proximity to the hole with GIRs

Short Game, Chip/Pitch & Sand separately

  • # shots per round
  • % shots hit to with 5 ft. Chip/Pitch and 8 ft. Sand
  • % Errors – Shots that miss the green
  • % Saved

Putting analysis

  • Putting handicap per round showing volatility in putting skill
  • % 1-Putts by distance range
  • % 3-Putts by distance range

Tee to Green analysis

  • Strokes gained on total Long & Short games
  • Relative handicap level for total Long & Short games

Scoring analysis

  • Listing of all rounds selected for analysis, with average score
  • Slope Adjusted Differentials by round and average
  • Average scoring by Par 3, Par 4 and Par 5’s
  • Average scoring by hole for specific course analyzed

Putting Skills Test & Practice App

  • Ability to record tests and practice sessions
  • Analysis by session
  • Relative Putting Handicaps with comparative data

Players can display all analysis or filter by any of following options:

  • Most recent # of rounds
  • Specific course and tee
  • Tournament format (All, Stroke Play, or Match Play)
  • Green speed (All, Fast, Medium, or Slow)
  • Score
  • Scores greater than or equal to X
  • Scores less than or equal to y
  • Start Date and End Date of the rounds
  • # Holes recorded: (18 only, 9 only or ALL)

Upgrade any time from the LITE version to the full TOUR version.