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FAQ’s –

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Approach Shot Questions:

1. Which shot is the Approach shot?

The Approach shot is your 1st attempt to hit a green from greater than 50 yards, regardless of where it falls in your string of shots for the hole.

2. Par 3 holes - Is the tee shot on a Par 3 my Approach shot?

YES, always, even if you cannot reach the green.

3. Par 5 holes - How do I record them?

A. Standard, three-shot par 5:

  • Record the result of your drive.
  • If the 2nd shot is a layup, do not record it. The system is programmed to expect a 2nd shot lay-up and factor it into the analysis.
  • Record the distance & position of your Approach shot - your 1st attempt to hit the green from 50+ yards.
  • From there the process is the same as a Par 4. If you hit the green in regulation (3 shots) record the GIR as well as the putting distance, etc. If your Approach misses the green, record the Short game shot and then the putting data.

B. Going for the green in two (trying to hit the green with your 2nd shot):

  • Record the result of your drive.
  • Record the distance & position of your 2nd shot as your Approach shot - even if your chances of hitting the green are low.
  • From there, the process is the same as a Par 4. If you hit the green, record the putting distance, etc. If your Approach misses the green, record the Short game shot and then putting data. Remember, if you reach the green in three shots, record the GIR.
  • If your approach missed very badly leaving another full Approach shot (51 yards from the hole or greater), check the Penalty/2nd box in the Approach shot section. Don't worry if it was not actually a penalty. If you record everything else correctly, we will know the actual strokes lost.

4. Approach Errors – Ugh. I chunked my approach shot and still have more than 50 yards left. What do I record?

Your first attempt is your approach shot. Record the yardage and position. Also, check the Penalty/2nd box in the Approach shot section. This will assign the correct cost in strokes gained to the Approach facet. We do not need to know the distance of the 2nd.

5. Approach Shot Penalty - How do I record the next approach shot?

You don't! When you check the Penalty box, we know that this can happen. If you record the rest of your shots correctly, the system will know that there was a 2nd approach attempt. The distance and position of the 2nd shot does not matter, only the result matters.

6. "NONE" Approach - When do I record this?

You have a NONE Approach when you have no attempt to hit the green from greater than 50 yards. Example: Your Drive result is a "4" (No Shot) requiring an advancement to return to play. The advancement gets you to within 50 yards of the hole (a Chip/Pitch shot). You had NONE Approach.

7. Par 4 – Going for the Green on Your Drive

Your drive must be marked as a Drive, not an Approach Shot. If you drove within 50 yards of the green, your Approach is “None.” Outside of 50 yards, then you have an Approach shot.

8. My Approach Shot landed in an impossible lie around the green

If you don’t have a legitimate attempt to make the green with a short game shot, then check the Penalty/2nd box in the Approach shot section.

Short Game and Putting Questions:

9. How do I record the 2nd Chip/Pitch or Sand shot?

There are three basic scenarios:

A. Two shots in one short game facet: If you miss a short game shot (either Chip/Pitch or Sand) and miss the green with your next shot from the same facet, and it is successful, simply record the X – Error and the resulting putting distance. Our system will know that it took you two strokes to reach the putting surface within the same facet and calculate Strokes Gained accordingly.

B. A miss from one facet to the other: If you miss a short game shot from one facet into the other, mark the Error – X in the starting facet and the successful attempt in the other. Again, our system is programmed to understand what happened.

C. A miss in both facets: Let’s say you miss a Sand shot over the green, then chunk the chip, requiring a 2nd chip to reach the putting surface. Mark the error – X in both Sand and Chip/Pitch boxes, then enter your putting distance. The system will know that there has been a 3rd short game shot but it will not know in which facet. No worries, we divide the extra shot evenly between the two facets. If it happens enough to become a factor, your short game will pop up as one of your improvement priorities.

10. Ball on the fringe of the green – how should I record this?

We suggest that you consider these slight misses to be ON the green. This way our system will appropriately reward your long game for having gotten you there and NOT inappropriately reward your short game for what is really a putt. Don’t forget that if this happens in two shots or more less than par, consider it a GIR.

11. Putting distances? Why can’t I enter the distance of my 2nd putt?

The distance determination of the first putt is important to the pre-shot routine and helps with managing distance control. The distance of the 2nd putt is an afterthought and can be a distraction from the positive process of trying to make the putt. Don’t worry; you will have enough attempts from shorter distances for the program to properly assess your putting skills.

Other FAQs

12. Instructions – What should I record on the golf course?

The instructions are contained in a Youtube video. For a simple 1-page version of our scorecard instructions view this PDF document.

13. Scorecards – How can I print the scorecards?

Click here to download a PDF version of our scorecard. It will print two on an 8.5 x 11 sheet.

14. 9-Hole Rounds - Can I enter 9-Holes?

YES! You can enter an 18-hole course but choose to enter the Front or Back-9 holes. You can also analyze by nine and/or combine 9 and 18 hole rounds for analysis.

15. Target Handicap - Why can't I change it?

We lock our targets after two changes. Why? Because some have attempted to “farm” our unique database of comparative data. Simply email us and we will reset it for you. Thanks for understanding.

13. Is there a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes! If within 90 days of your subscription you are dissatisfied, we will refund 100% of your subscription price.

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